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A parent's worst nightmare is the disappearance of a child.

Simply stated the GACHIP program has been designed and has given over 17,000 families a measure of protection against the ever-increasing problem of the disappearance of a child. GACHIP provides Law Enforcement with important tools to assist in the speedy and safe recovery of a missing child.
A parent's worst nightmare is the disappearance of a child. In today's society with over one million children being reported missing each year, Georgia Masons are committed to helping address this problem.  Authorities tell us a child is reported missing every 43 seconds somewhere in the US.

Freemasons have long been committed to children and families through our scholarship program, children's learning centers, model student assistance program and sponsorship of youth groups. Georgia Freemasons have been conducting a new child identification program since 2007.  We are proud to offer this program called GACHIP. Other programs consist of a single photo and fingerprinting. This new program adds a short video interview and a dental imprint called Toothprints. Toothprints is a technique developed by David Tesini, a Massachusetts children's Dentist and incorporated into CHIP by Dr. David Harte, a Massachusetts Freemason. These additions make CHIP the most comprehensive children's ID program available in the United States.
Georgia Child Identification Program addresses the alarming fact that more and more children are reported missing each year. While most are found, many are not. ALL of the identifying materials generated by the program are given to the child's family. We retain none of the information and this program is offered to the public at NO CHARGE.
GACHIP is part of MasoniCHIP International, Inc. an initiative of North American Freemason's Grand Lodges, that generates "completed packs" of various identifying items of children for parents or guardians.
MasoniCHIP International. Inc.is recognized by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) as the most comprehensive program of its type and has received a SPECIAL AWARD OF COMMENDATION  from the NCMEC in February 2007.
Name: The Grand Lodge of Georgia - CHIP Program
Phone Number: 1-478-742-1475
811 Mulberry Street
Macon, Georgia 31201-6779
Web Site: www.gachip.org
General Information Email Contact: wrf15eagle@yahoo.com (Phil Wyatt)
Georgia's Missing Children: http://www.gachip.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=34

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Thank you to the 46,914 Georgia Masons in the 425 Lodges across the state of Georgia who have and continue to support the GACHIP (Georgia Child Identification Program) program which is a statewide program led by the Masons of Georgia to take vital information of children – from their height and weight to photographs, audio, video and dental impression – that parents can give to the police immediately in the event the child goes missing. No information is kept by the Masons. A GACHIP packet and a CD containing all the data that is collected is given to the parents.

Many local and state organizations have partnered with the Georgia Masons to ensure that the safety of Georgia's kids is priority one.



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