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Why Community
Fundraising Books?

Most people agree that product fundraising is an important resource for America's youth. More than just raising money to pay for valuable programs, a well-run fundraising drive can be an experience that builds self-esteem, provides community service, and promotes school, organization and community spirit for all involved.

Millions participate in product fundraising

Millions of parents and young people participate in product fundraising programs each year. Research has found 75 percent of Americans - and eight out of 10 parents - purchase fundraising products. The vast majority of fundraising sales are made to family and friends. Successful fundraising drives do not rely on children knocking on doors, but rather children and their parents asking for support from family, close neighbors and friends.

Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS)

Community Fundraising Books proudly supports the following types of non-profit groups with fundraising programs in the greater metro area to aid in critical funding all year long.

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Community Clubs
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Civic Clubs
  • Non-profits
  we have two unique (but flexible) fundraising programs

Fundraising Goals

Community Fundraising Books has two separate programs which are designed to help organizations
of all sizes with their fundraising efforts.
 The first option is the Fundraising Partnership Program:
The Fundraising Partnership Program is designed to provide professional fundraising services to a variety of major non-profits in an individual county or city which focuses on Strengthening the Local Community. The Fundraising Partnership programs are professionally run over a 14 Month overlapping cycle and provide professional sales services while the major non-profit retains 40% of each sale providing long term professional residual fundraising income. These relationships are formed one at a time based on the needs in the community. For more information about this type of program in the Metro Atlanta Area:
                contact us to discuss a potential fundraising  partnership ->
 The second option is the Fundraising Fast Track program:

The Fundraising Fast Track Program has been designed for smaller non-profits, churches, schools, and community clubs to provide a structured and profitable system to maximize fundraising efforts. These programs have short selling cycles and the sales are handled by the organization hosting the event.


  • The Fast Track program can be completed in as little as a 3 to 4 week sales period

  • No Risk
  • No Payment or Deposit Up Front
  • No Minimum Order of Books Required
  • No Orders to Take
  • No Deliveries to Make for large order requests

& Profitable...
  • 50% Profit from your very first book on the Fast Track Program
  • Unsold Books can be returned for full Credit
  • We Sponsor FREE Prizes with large campaigns
  • We Provide All the Sales Materials you need to run a successful campaign
For more information about this type of program in the Metro Atlanta Area:

contact us to discuss a potential fast track program partnership -> 

 What Community Fundraising Books takes care of:
   A Turnkey System!
  • Establishing the relationships with the Dining, Entertainment, and Service Professionals in the area
  • Establishing relationships with retail distribution partners (Fundraising Partnership Programs)
  • Building books with exceptional value - normally over $1,500.00 in value per area
  • Printing the books and distribution of the books to your organization
  • Custom branding of your organization for your campaign (Fundraising Partnership Programs) with banners, provided handouts, shirts, etc..

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